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  • Tin Vắn - Best Place For Employers And Freelancers

    WorkingForBitcoin.Com is a website created to connect developers, freelancers and Employers. For freelancers, they will work for Bitcoin. - Best Place For Employers And Freelancers

    All the orders and request was sent to the website for everyone can see and find a suitable job.
    As its name, at WorkingForBitcoin all the paymentswill be done by bitcoin. - Best Place For Employers And Freelancers
    WorkingForBitcoins's home page.

    Although it's new, WorkingForBitcoin has many advantages, so it's deserved to be the first choice and have a promising future. Bellow are some advantage of WorkingForBitcoins:

    Pay and Get Paid in Bitcoin

    All payments use bitcoin.So it's suitable for developers and freelancers who are keen on bitcoin.

    Freelancers don't need to pay any tax

    They can be assured of completing the work without thinking about tax as the other services. Compared to ~10% of bid ! So why don't you choose .

    There are many jobs for you to choose: - Best Place For Employers And Freelancers
    Many jobs for you.

    Jobs are listed in categories. You can choose the most suitable job from the jobs list which are listed on website. - Best Place For Employers And Freelancers

    The connecting from freelancers and job poster

    You can communicate with the partner easily. Therefore, your work will be the most effective,
    Moreover, there are more advantages such as:
    • Applicable internationally without any additional step
    • Rating based on reviews
    • Funds Verification
    • One way initiation communication
    If you have any difficulty during working, you will be supported very quickly by admin. - Best Place For Employers And Freelancers
    Inconclusion if you are a freelancers or  a recruiter, go to WorkingForBitcoins now.

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